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Mediumship Circle TeleClass

Participate from Your Home

Do you want to develop your mediumship or psychic abilities but you live too far away to join my Wednesday Night Circle? Geography does not need to limit your ability to participate in a high-quality development circle in a safe, and non-competitive environment under the guidance of an experienced medium. You can participate in the Teleclass Circle from the privacy of your home. No prior experience is necessary.

This Teleclass Development Circle is a practice course in mediumship development. It follows a similar format as my popular Wednesday Night Development Circle in Silver Spring, MD. Each of our six 1 Hour and 45 minute sessions includes a lesson, instruction, processes to prepare ourselves for connecting with the spirit world, meditation, and a variety of fun exercises to help us sharpen our spiritual senses and our ability to perceive the spirit people, and sharing of our perceptions. I also allow time for feedback, questions, and answers.

Participants in this circle have the option of calling in from all over the world via phone, web phone or computer.  The easy to use Zoom Conference (TM) platform that I use offers unique features:

  • High-quality sound.

  • The ability to see each other!

  • You can join the session via computer or phone. 

  • I can mute the group while we meditate so we won't be distracted by each other's background noises.

  • We can pair up and work one-on-one with each other in breakout groups, which is really a wonderful opportunity and confidence builder.

  • This is truly a 'live' class where we are able to interact with each other.

Here is how it works:


You sign up for the class by clicking on Buy Now button posted on this page. Complete the checkout process through PayPal's secure website. Make sure you put down a valid email address, because I am going to email you a confirmation letter.


One week before the beginning of our Teleconferencing Circle I will email you the access information, your private access code, and instructions on how to prepare yourself and your environment. On the day of the first class you connect in via telephone, Skype, or web phone - the choice is yours.

Upcoming Dates:

6-Weeks: Summer Session

Thursday, August 15 to September 19, 2024

From 7:30 PM to 9:15 Eastern Time

If you have never taken any mediumship, psychic development, Reiki or energy healing classes before, you might want to purchase the TeleClass Circle with a single one-time 1-Hour Individual Tutoring Session using the button below. You save $25 by purchasing the package deal below instead of purchasing the circle an individual tutoring session separately. This would help you establish a better foundation for your experience in the circle.

Refund Policy: Tuition is non-refundable. However, if I have to cancel or reschedule, I will refund your tuition. 











Participant Testimonials

"I don't use the work 'miraculous' all that often in my day-to-day vernacular...but I was truly awe-struck by the accuracy of the evidence I have started to receive in this class.  Last night was the first night that a 'number' came through for both instances  the number was relative to the age at the time of the person's passing.


It's an amazing purpose that you're serving, truly doing God's work I feel...and thank you for sharing and nurturing those gifts with and for your students."

K. in Milwaukee, WI

"Dear Konstanza,

            I wanted to express my deepest ‘thank you’s’ for the extraordinary Mediumship Development Circle Teleclass that I recently participated in.  The experience was remarkable and far surpassed my expectations; I had harbored serious doubts about my abilities to directly experience spirit contacts, and the classes quickly dispelled any doubts on my part!  I was able to gain direct impressions and details that were borne out by the other participants, even to specific details that surprised me in being able to discern.  Much of the awakening ability I attribute to your skilled direction in the opening relaxation and meditation exercises that clearly open a conduit to Spirit contact, and form a solid base for future development.  I found these classes actually more powerful through the telephone format since participants were separated globally, and it provided proof that Spirit contact is unbounded by distance or time.  Thank you for providing such a luminous training and enjoyable series of classes!"


M. in Farmville, NC

"I recently took Konstanza's Mediumship Spirit Circle Teleclass. The experience was incredible! All classes were on time, organized and full of new learning and practice for everyone. Konstanza does an excellent job at keeping the class on track while still allowing time for discussion and questions. I had no idea what to expect and after each class I left the call feeling positive, upbeat, and invigorated. She has unique ways of delivering the content so all skill levels can easily participate. Konstanza's knowledge of the subject matter is excellent and her kind and caring demeanor make her approachable and a joy to learn from. 

I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in developing their mediumship abilities. I will be continuing to study with Konstanza in the future."

Kimberly Dawn



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