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Get Answers and Guidance for Life's Questions

Shamanic Divination is a unique method for obtaining detailed in-depth information, insight and guidance into complex life situations from our compassionate helping spirits. I access this information on your behalf by going into a shamanic trance in a traditional shamanic journey. I pose your question to the helping spirits who then provide me with an abundance of information that answers your question.

I narrate and and create a digital recording of the journey. I then either burn you a CD that will be mailed to you or an mp3 downloadable file, depending on your preference. My clients often tell me how much they have benefited from repeated listening to their recordings. They marvel at how the information provided in my shamanic divination journeys continues to unfold over time and how their grasp and understanding of their situation continues to deepen. 

Each divination journey is about twenty to thirty minutes long and focuses on one specific question. Each question is designed to generate a wealth of information. You will find that the abundance of information provided in these journeys tends to address all of your surrounding questions as well. The information that the helping spirits provide can be both literal and symbolic, but it will not fail to profoundly speak to your heart and soul. 

Shamanic divination can be used to obtain insight and guidance into any area of your life, whether your question concerns your love life, your career, how to handle a difficult person in your life, or the selling or purchasing of real estate, or the spiritual cause or message behind an illness or injury.

How to Phrase Questions for Divination

Good questions begin with the words "what," "how" or "why" to generate a wealth of information that will help you to best handle the situation you are concerned about. Here are just a few examples of good questions that would yield an abundance of insight:

  • "How can I best handle the current family conflict?"

  • "What is the dynamic that causes all the the arguments between me and my sister?"

  • "Why do I always get taken advantage of by others?"

  • "Why do I keep getting passed over for a promotion?"

  • "What changes can I make in my life so the cancer won't come back?"

  • "Our house has been on the market for six months; what can we do so that it will finally sell?"

  • "What can I do to improve my marriage?"

  • "Why do I always attract people who are emotionally unavailable?"

  • "What is causing the latent friction at work?"

  • "How can I best help my mother with her transition into the next phase of her life?"

  • "How can I help my underage daughter adjust to her dad's new marriage?"


Please avoid asking "Should-I-Questions" and "Will-I questions. Both are basically yes/no questions that you could answer yourself with the flip of a coin. It's better to rephrase them into what, how, why or where question.

For example, the question: "Will I be successful in my new business?" can easily be phrased as: "What steps or actions can I take to make my new business successful?" Similarly, the question: "Should I buy the house on Woodside Avenue or the one on Lakeview Drive?" can easily be formulated as: "What are the pros and cons of the house on Woodside Avenue versus the one on Lakeview Drive?" 

Avoid questions that focus on a third party's business or private affairs. Keep the focus of the question on yourself.

Purchase Shamanic Divination


Shamanic Divination is only available long distance via email or mail and not face-to-face. The turn-around time on a shamanic divination request is between 24 to 72 hours.  I do my best to offer a 24-hour turn around time.

To book a shamanic divination, please click on the PayPal button and use the little toggle arrows in on the right side of the payment button to select your mailing option. You will be taken to the secure PayPal checkout platform to complete your purchase. 


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