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Beginning Mediumship Class

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Via Zoom

All of us have the ability to communicate with the spirit world. This introductory workshop is a beginner’s level class for anyone who would like to become a medium or learn how to connect with their own deceased loved ones in the spirit world.  Participants learn fundamental skills of how to communicate with spirit people with a focus on true evidential mental mediumship instead of vague fluff.


The objective of this workshop is to open up your natural spiritual gifts so you can enjoy a greater connection with your and with other people's spirit loved one and also connect with your own source of guidance. This workshop provides a solid foundation for everyone who wishes to become a professional medium.


This 2-day workshop is based on an approach that has proven to open the doors of spirit communication for the participants in a way that is uplifting, wholesome and safe. 


You will learn to:

  • Prepare yourself for Spirit communication.

  • Build the spiritual foundations upon which good mediumship depends.

  • Understand how mediumship works and avoid potential problems

  • Understand how your spirit guides can assist you in your mediumship.

  • Attune yourself to your spirit helpers.

  • Become sensitive to the to the subtle impressions from the unseen world.

  • Recognize how you perceive spirit communication and what you can do to strengthen this ability.

  • Understand the phenomena of physical and mental mediumship.

  • Receive messages from deceased loved ones.

  • Build an understanding of how the spirit people communicate with mediums.

  • Explore and experience different ways in which Spirit people present themselves.

  • Distinguish between spirit communication vs. your imagination.

  • Trust your ability to receive spirit communication.

  • Give evidence of the continuity of life.

  • Nurture your gift of mediumship in you daily life.


You will experience:

  • Altered states of consciousness.

  • Contact with spirit guides.

  • Communication from spirit people.

  • Contact with departed loved ones.

  • The spiritual upliftment, love and joy that comes from contact with the higher realms.

Participant Feedback:

Taking this workshop was the absolute best decision I’ve ever made! This class opened up doors I never knew existed! It was the greatest hands-on introduction to mediumship. It was very well organized and so informative. I am anxiously awaiting the next class! The fact that the setting was so inviting & comfortable was an added bonus. The time flew and I didn’t want it to end. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I pray that I am able to just continue to learn under your help and guidance. I just could do a commercial for you! Thanks again!

Upcoming Dates:


Via Zoom:

4 Sunday Mornings:

January 19, 26, February 2, 9, 2025

From 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM Eastern Time




4 Sunday Mornings:

January 11, 18, , 25, and February 1, 2026

From 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM Eastern Time


To Register: When you click on the Buy Now button on this page, you will be taken to the secure PayPal checkout page to complete your purchase. I will email you the workshop address, directions, and preparation instructions in my confirmation email.

Refund Policy: Tuition is non-refundable. However, if I have to cancel or reschedule, I will refund your tuition. 

After the workshop, enjoy continued practice opportunity in the Wednesday Night Development Circle in Silver Spring or in the Mediumship Teleconferencing Circle.



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