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Connect With Your Spirit Guides Workshop

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Via Zoom Conferencing

Each of us has many spirit guides who assist us in our earthly mission. Our Spirit Guides and Angels are available to us at all times and they help us cope with any situation or matter of concern.  Our Spirit Guides assist, inspire and encourage us. Spirit guides also bring us new opportunities and knowledge to help us evaluate and explore changes on a given life path.


Spirit guides cannot make decisions for us and they cannot live our lives for us either. But they do have much to offer in terms of wisdom, teachings, upliftment and guidance regardless of whether you are aspiring mediums, engineers, artists, accountants or psychotherapists.  This workshop teaches you how to contact your Spirit Guides and Angels and how to receive their guidance. You will learn effective techniques to establish rapport with your Spirit Guides and Angels.

In this beginner's level workshop you will:

  • Meet and connect with your team of Spirit guides and angels.

  • Connect with Situational guides.

  • Learn to recognize true Spirit guides.

  • Understand what spirit guidance looks like.

  • Get to know your companion Spirit guide.

  • Become a conduit for spirit teachings.

  • Learn to incorporate crystals and work with crystal teachers.

  • Learn to recognize Spirit guidance in your life.

  • Understand your Spirit guides' roles in mediumship.

  • Learn to align yourself with your spirit guides.


The benefits of conscious collaboration with your spirit guides include:

  • Living a spiritually fulfilling and rewarding life.

  • Living your life purpose.

  • Insight and practical help with vexing life questions and situations.

  • Increased creativity and inspiration.

  • The ability to see things from an expanded perspective.

  • Understanding of the soul qualities that you are currently developing.

Upcoming Dates:

Via Zoom Conferencing:

2 Mornings from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM Eastern Time

Saturday, January 4, 2025

Sunday, January 5, 2025

To Register: When you click on the Buy Now button you will be taken to the secure PayPal checkout page to complete your purchase. I will email you the workshop address, directions, and preparation instructions in my confirmation email.

Refund Policy: Tuition is non-refundable. However, if I have to cancel or reschedule, I will refund your tuition. 



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