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Medium Reading and Seance Hints

How to Prepare for A
Psychic Medium Reading or Seance


Sucessful spirit communication depends not only on the medium and the people in the Spirit World, but also on the client. Please prepare yourself for your reading or seance by following these guidelines.

  • In the days before your reading or seance with me, take some time to reflect on the situation(s) that you would like to have guidance on. Formulate your questions. This gives Spirit the chance to find the answers for you. 

  • Also, in the days before your reading or seance, spend some time in quiet meditation: Invite your Spirit guides and Spirit loved ones to come and join our reading or seance! 

  • Do not consume alcohol or recreational drugs on the day of your appointment! Alcohol and recreational drugs interfere with spirit reception.

  • If the day of your reading or seance has been hectic for you, try to take some time to relax before your appointment. If this has not possible, let me know when you arrive for your appointment. I will be happy to lead you through a guided meditation to help you relax and unwind. There is no extra charge for this. I would not count the guided meditation time against your scheduled time. 

  • Put your mind at ease and relax. It creates a better atmosphere for the seance and makes it easier for your spirit loved ones to make contact. 


  • Be joyous and look forward to your reading! Spirit communication is joyful occasion! Your spirit loved ones look forward to this opportunity to communicate with you.

  • Your spirit loved ones will bring an abundance of information to establish their identity: They might give their names and how they are related to you, the condition and circumstances around their death, personality quirks, etc. Be willing to acknowledge evidential information with a brief 'Yes, that's right.' Acknowledgment lets the spirit people know that the information they are transmitting is really getting through to you. It strengthens the spirit connection in a powerful way and brings forth further messages from Spirit. 

  • While it is important to acknowledge information with a 'yes', don't provide extra information. Let it come from Spirit. 

  • Be patient with the information provided. Please don't be so quick with saying "No". Some things make more sense at the end of the reading or even days or weeks later.


  • Keep in mind that occasionally, some of the information might be presented as a metaphor or as a symbol, so please be prepared to think about what it could mean.

  • If you have specific questions, meditate on them in advance of your reading or seance, so that Spirit has time to get the answer for you.

  • Please do not fixate on having the spirits bring forth that one particular piece of evidence that you have set your mind on. For example, my father has often come through from the spirit world in my development circles. However, he has never EVER presented a previous address or the date he graduated from college. Instead, I take great delight in the hundreds of unique pieces of evidence that he's shared over the years. There is no doubt that he is alive and well on the other side.

  • Please don't try to mislead the medium. You get out of the reading what you put into it, and if you are cagey or misleading, the reading will falter. Mediumship works best when the sitter has an open mind and heart and willing to lend his or her energy to the process.

Create Optimal Conditions
for Telephone and Zoom Readings 


A telephone reading or a reading via Skype underscores the fact that the client is a co-creator of the mediumship reading experience. Because mediumship is delicate, a telephone mediumship reading requires additional preparation from the client. If you schedule a telephone reading with me, I strongly urge you to follow these instructions in addition to those already covered:

  • Take our telephone reading in a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

  • Let others know ahead of time that you will not be available to them for the duration of our call. You may need to put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on your door!

  • Make sure that the room temperature is comfortable so you won't be distracted by physical discomfort.

  • Have a glass of water and box of Kleenex handy so you won't have to get up during the reading.

  • If possible, take the reading on a landline so you won't have a problem with fading signals and a dropped call. 

  • If you use a cellphone for our telephone reading, find a location with a strong signal so you will be able to hear me.

  • Turn off or ignore call waiting during our reading.

  • Silence all other telephone lines.

  • Turn off the TV.

  • Banish distractions such as children, friends, noisy pets etc. from your reading room.

  • Please do not engage in extraneous activities such as washing your dishes, running your vacuum cleaner, cleaning your house, or playing loud music in the background! I can hear what's going around you. Background noise make it harder for me to maintain my link with the spirit world. (This would seem obvious; except that people often don't realize that a telephone mediumship reading is very different from chatting on the phone with a friend.)

  • Listen carefully and please do not be too quick to interrupt. Let the reading unfold at its pace. 

  • If you wish, light a candle and burn a little bit of incense and place fresh flowers in the room.

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