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Psychic Medium Reading FAQs

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How do I book a Psychic Medium Reading or Seance with you?


Email me at and tell me your availability or call me at 240-543-9414. Once we have settled on a date, go to the Psychic Medium Readings  page, select the appropriate payment button and make a deposit to reserve your appointment. I cannot reserve appointments without a deposit.




What information do I need to provide when I schedule my appointment?


I only need your first name and a telephone number where you can be reached in case we need to contact you on the day of your appointment. You don't need to give me anything else. I prefer it if you tell me nothing about your situation or about your loved ones in the Spirit world. If you like, you can have a friend make the security deposit for you so I won't know your last name. During our session your loved ones will bring all the information that is needed.



Can I include another person in my reading?


Yes, you are welcome to include others in your reading. In that case you would book a Family or Group Seance, depending on whether you are related to the person you are bringing.



Is there a qualitative difference in telephone readings and face-to-face readings?


I have given thousands of psychic medium readings both face-to-face and over the telephone. I assure you, there is no difference in the quality of the reading. Your spirit loved ones are not hampered by physical distance. The spirit people present themselves to me as clearly in a phone reading as they do in face-to-face readings. We don't even need to be in the same country or even on the same continent for telephone readings to work!



Do you use tarot cards, ouija boards, or crystal balls in your readings and seances?


No. I don't use any tools in my readings or seances. First of all, no tools are needed since the spirit communicators tell me everything that needs to be communicated. Secondly, as Spiritualist medium I focus on proving the continuity of life. Tarot cards, crystal balls and Ouija Boards do not prove the continuity of life.


What happens if no one comes through for me?


That has never happened in a seance with me. Your loved ones in the Spirit World are as eager to communicate with you, as you are to communicate with them. They will not pass up the opportunity our seance provides. In the extremely unlikely event that no recognizable Spirit entities comes through for you in the first 10 minutes of our session, I will be happy to either reschedule our session for another day or issue a full refund.


Is it possible to receive communications from people I didn't know?


Yes, it is possible to receive messages from relatives who died before you were born or whom you didn't meet when they were still on Earth. I never knew my great uncle Reinhold, yet each time I visit a medium for a reading, he faithfully comes through. This is one of the ways that Spirit uses to prove the continuity of life. Besides, it's nice to know that we are looked after and cared for by our extended family in the Spirit world.


My ancestors didn't speak English. Can they communicate with a medium that doesn't speak their native language?


Spirit communication transcends all human language barriers. I have successfully communicated with spirit people who came from Indonesia, China, India, Japan, Russia, Iran, the Netherlands, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Israel, Burkina Faso, Congo and Namibia. Language has never been a barrier to spirit communication.




I don't know any of my relatives. Can I still have a psychic medium reading with you?


If you don't know anything about your relatives at all, our reading won't go anywhere. Recognition of spirit communicators strengthens the connection. When you don't recognize people, the reading will soon run out of steam. The person you want to hear from may need the help of others in order to come through and my rule with spirit is that they need to prove to their identity to my clients. They can bring all the evidence in the world, but if you can't validate it, because you don't know anyone, the reading will be an exercise in futility for both of us. You would be better off to contact another medium and ask them how they handle readings for people who don't know their loved ones.




Do I have to be a firm believer to experience Spirit communication?


Your beliefs have no impact on the seance. Your departed loved ones are going to want to communicate with you, regardless of your personal beliefs. My recommendation is that you keep an open mind. Listen to what Spirit has to say and cooperate by acknowledging correct information with a yes. Some of the greatest skeptics, such as Sir Oliver Lodge, have become the greatest proponents of Spiritualism.



 Why am I supposed to acknowledge information?

When you acknowledge information a spirit communicator conveys, the connection is strengthened. Communication through a medium is a little bit like making a telephone call: The spirit communicator is placing the call. The medium is the telephone line. When I give you information from Spirit, the telephone is ringing. You, the sitter, are the person who needs to pick up the phone. Your acknowledgment lets your 'callers' from the Spirit world know that they are getting through. As a result, they will bring in more evidential information at an accelerated pace. On the other hand, if you don't acknowledge what they bring, they will drop the call and our reading will sputter to a halt. 

Can I tell you about the person who is coming through during our session?


No, please don't tell me anything! Spirit will bring the information that is needed. If you tell me about your departed loved ones during our session, you will go home wondering whether you've experienced true spirit communication or whether you've just been 'feeding' me information. After we have closed our session, you may share what you wish to share.


Is there a time when I can ask questions?

I will invite you to ask your unanswered questions during the last 10 minutes of our session. Your spirit loved ones know the questions that have been burning in your heart. They will do their best to address them during our session. I find that at the end of the session there usually are few, if any questions left unanswered.



Is the session scary?


Absolutely not. Mediumship is a gift from God to comfort the bereaved and to teach humanity that life is eternal. To set your mind at ease, I want you to know that I open and close each session with a prayer. When I give seances my voice sounds just the same as it always does as I relay what I perceive through my spiritual senses. At times, though, you may find that I bring through habits of speech or favorite phrases that your loved ones used when they were still on Earth.


Will my departed loved ones embarrass me in front of my friends or family?


Private information will not be divulged. Your departed loved ones have no desire to embarrass you. My guide will give me the heads up if there is something sensitive coming in. In that case I will take you aside after the seance and share the message privately.

Can you guarantee that a certain person will come through?


Unfortunately, I cannot promise that a particular departed person will make contact. No medium can make such guarantees. The general rule is that the closer you have been to person in life, the more likely they are to make contact with you. If the person does not come through, you may give me his or her first name and I will ask them to come in with evidential information for you. However, there may be a good reason why someone is not coming through: The person may have passed just recently and has not yet learned how to communicate through a medium. Or, they may not yet be ready to communicate, or perhaps they feel that you are not yet ready to hear from them.



Has Spirit communication ever been studied by science?

The phenomena of mediumship were scientifically investigated between about 1855 to 1950 by renowned scientists such as Sir Oliver Lodge, William James, Camille Flammarion, F.W.H Myers and Hereward Carrington. The studies they conducted with Daniel Dunglass Home, Leonora Piper, Eileen Garrett and Estelle Roberts proved the veracity of Spirit communication beyond a doubt, convincing the investigators. Those who are interested in modern day investigations should read the work of Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona. His book The Afterlife Experiments reports on the results of his investigations with the "Michael Jordans of Mediumship" including John Edward, George Anderson, and Suzanne Northrop.



What is the difference between a medium reading a psychic reading?


The difference between a psychic reading and a mediumship reading is the source of the information: Psychics attune to the universe and 'pick up' information. Psychics may use psychic tools such tarot cards, crystal balls, runes, etc. Mediums, on the other hand, attune themselves to the vibrations of those who reside in the Spirit world, including your loved ones who have passed on, your spirit guides, angels and spirit teachers. Mediums bring messages from those who have the broader view. Mediums use no tools in their readings, because Spirit brings everything that needs to be communicated.


How often can I have a reading with you?


I recommend that you wait with the next reading until the prophecies of the previous reading have unfolded. Spirit brings much insight and guidance for the path ahead, but it is also important that we act according to the information that was previously given. Unless you experience a sudden change in your life or in your situation a reading once or twice a year is perfectly adequate.



I don't care about hearing from my spirit loved ones. Can I have a reading anyway?

I sometimes hear this from clients who are desperate for a reading but who have mixed feelings about spirit communication. Invariably, they are happy to hear from their spirit loved ones! And of course, I will pass on whatever insight Spirit has into my client's situation.



Do people who commit suicide go to hell?


As Spiritualist medium I have had many contacts with people who committed suicide and I can assure you that suicides do NOT go to hell. Spirit guides and spirit loved ones know when a person's time of death draws near regardless of the cause of death. At death suicides, too, are met by their spirit loved ones and by their loving Spirit guides who help them cross over. Once they are in the spirit world, they will have the opportunity to further their spiritual understanding and to continue on a path of progression and personal evolution.


Do suicides regret that they committed suicide?


A life review offers insight into the difficulties the person had experienced, but it also shows alternative paths of action and solutions that had been available. Suicides get to see how their lives would have developed had they chosen another course of action. As a result, many wish that they had stayed here and chosen a different solution. Every person who has committed suicide expresses deep regret over the hurt and sorrow that their death has caused their loved ones. They have also expressed deep frustration about their inability to come back and solve what they now understand had been short-term problems.



 What is the difference between a Psychic Medium Reading and Shamanic Divination?

A Psychic Medium Reading connects with your loved ones in the spirit world with the purpose of bringing you comfort and healing by giving an abundance of evidence of the continuity of life after physical death. Prophecy may or may not be part of a psychic medium reading. Shamanic Divination, on the other hand, obtains in-depth specific information, insight guidance on a specific concern or life situation that a client is struggling with. Konstanza obtains this information through a so-called shamanic divination journey. Shamanic Divination does NOT involve contact with Spirit loved ones.

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