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Medium Reading Testimonials

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Dear Konstanza,

I thoroughly enjoyed the reading today, and it brought great joy and love to my heart after a lot of grief missing my husband and father-in-law. I so deeply appreciate what you have done for me and my dear husband that words cannot express it. You were so accurate in your descriptions and messages, and that was so touching to me.


Some of the descriptions and messages I didn't readily or fully understand during the reading- one or two were "coded" by my father-in-law - but later I figured them out! And they were very deep, personal messages, bringing me closer to my father-in-law. I am so glad we recorded the session so I can listen again.

You are a wonderful medium, in your genuinely caring personality and ability to "get out of the way" and let the messages come through clearly. I admire your ethics, egolessness and purity of mind. The effect of your reading is almost like direct communication through a deep trance channel. I am so very grateful to you. 

You may use these worlds as you wish for a testimonial. I am happy to support your priceless work!

With much loving kindness,


Greetings Konstanza,

First, I wanted to thank you for everything you were able to share in our session.  When you spoke of the "grandmother" and described her as very dark, slender with a wig I could only think of my mother who passed sometime ago. After our reading I learned that this person is my former fiancée, I. Two days after our reading her daughter called to tell me her mom had died and was found inside her home (just days before our session).  She had died from a fall in the bathtub hitting her head.
We were very, very close and remained close even though we were no longer dating. I had not seen her for several months and went to the wake yesterday. You described her perfectly: I. is a "young grandmother" at 45 years of age. She is very dark, very petite/slender and was wearing a wig to cover her bruise. Needless to say I am very, very touched by the revelation. She loved her sweets too and was a blessing to everyone she ever met.
Thank you for everything. And if it’s not too much to ask, could you please say a prayer for I. & her family? Your prayer would be greatly appreciated just as much as your esteemed, God given talents...
Blessings to you & your family,


Dear Konstanza,

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience D. and I had working with you on two separate occasions. At my reading, I was concerned about my career direction and my father's health situation. My great-grandmother and great-grandfather in Spirit reassured me that I would do fine in the new job, and indeed in the weeks since the reading things have taken a positive turn and I have a great sense of peace knowing that I'm supported and guided by them as I move forward. As for my father, you said they were communicating that in 2 to 3 months my father would begin to open to a change, and in 3 to 4 months he'd be ready to make a decision.


Just over two months after the reading, my father started talking about "looking at" a retirement community for the first time, after my brother and I have stepped back from applying pressure, as they recommended. (No one can get over the fact that you so accurately described my mother's physical situation, especially her bad knees and the way she 'leans' on things for support due to her chronic pain.)

D's Japanese great-grandfather also came through in his reading. Interestingly, D. has vivid memories with his great-grandfather, but learned after the reading that he was born two years after his great-grandfather had died which made us wonder if his great-grandfather was actually with him in spirit as a child. Anyway, D. is in Japan now, and he was able to confirm many details of your reading with his Japanese relatives, including the little-known fact that his great-grandmother who also came through, had had abdominal surgery, and the physical description you gave of her was spot-on. You also communicated that his great-grandfather said his grandfather was being over-medicated; specifically you communicated he was on five medications - and in fact, five is exactly how many medications he's currently taking. And, you also communicated that despite the seemingly dire health situation last year, that his grandfather was not close to passing - and in fact, his health has improved against everyone's expectations.

I wanted to mention a funny 'coincidence', too, hat made me smile... On the way driving D. to see you, I was talking to my great-grandmother in Spirit, who'd come through in my reading the week prior. I asked her to 'help' make sure that D's reading went well, and to 'light a fire' for him - to spark his excitement and passion for his future. While I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for D., I heard fire engines... and they got closer and closer... and then one fire engine randomly drove into the parking lot and drove RIGHT IN FRONT of my car! LOL He seemed lost, because he turned the corner, and drove out of the complex.

Shortly after, D. came to the car, and as he relayed the details of the reading, he said that you told him my relatives came by and said thank you for inviting them (!) and then also mentioned that you'd communicated that he would find what 'fires him up' - his work passion - though not in the first year after he finishes his degree! I loved the idea that our great-grandparents were together in spirit, watching over us, and confirmed their presence by using the specific turn-of-phrase that I'd used silently to them on the way to the reading. :-)

Since our experiences, I've recommended you to several friends I think would benefit from connecting with their spirit loved ones. Mediumship is a beautiful gift, and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your gift with the world.

Viele Gruesse und vielen Dank fur alles,

R. in Alexandria, VA


Dear Konstanza,

Thank you so much for my reading today at 1pm.  It was the absolute best reading that I have ever received.  I have had several readings from mediums, including one from a very famous television medium several years ago. 

Your information was unbelievable.  I never had to reply or say anything.  You had already said it from the other side.  I could feel the difference in the presence of your reading. It was reverent. 

What validated my reading with you was when my husband’s side came in.  I would never have wished to waste my time or money talking with them.  But that is how I know that what you said was genuine. I couldn’t be just sitting and thinking and you contact the people I was thinking about because it would certainly not have been them!

S. H.

Hello Konstanza,


I had a reading with you almost three years ago. Tonight, I was needing guidance and support and (as always) I turned to God in prayer. I was then guided to re-listen to the audio recording of our session...and it's just what I needed to hear tonight!! Still 100% relevant now. Your reading was spot-on, too. You did an outstanding job bringing through my spirit family in recognizable, verifiable ways. Just amazing. So much evidence and LOVE and helpful guidance. Thank you, THANK YOU!!

PG in Fairfax, VA

Dear Konstanza,

About Alastair being 'rumpled' there is this from his New Yorker obituary: "Muriel Spark, a colleague at the New Yorker, once described him as the "second worst dressed man in New York"  (who the worst was, she never said) - Reid regarded it as a compliment."

You were spot on, as always!

M.R.H. in Vermont

Hello Konstanza,

 I just wanted to thank you for meeting with me this afternoon and for having “stuck” with me in spite of our original difficulties, as it turns out, all my fault because I was only looking at my family when indeed it was for my husband that the contact was more urgent.


I recalled all I could for him when I got home. He recognized the spirit of the man sitting down as his father who was unable to walk towards. It all sounded amazing even to him, though he can be quite skeptic at times. If you recall, there was also the spirit of a tall woman dressed in black who appeared to be a nun but I could not identify her in my family. When I described her to my husband, he told me the description exactly fit his favorite aunt who was a nun. They were very close when he was growing up and it made sense to him that she should have come to comfort him at this time.

Our meeting was very comforting to me at many levels and I came away with a feeling of optimism and peace that I did not have before.



Dear Konstanza,

I would like to thank you for the reading you did for my family & me. We all are feeling more at ease since you were able to contact my grandmother. After the reading we realized the old man that came through first was my sister’s father-in law who was very closed to her.


Also when you mentioned that my grandmother lost her dad at young age, in a sense it was true. When my grandmother was a little girl her parents got divorced and she did not see her dad for many years. Everything you said was so true that we are still in awe. Especially when you said that my grandmother sent those butterflies we were all sold. I was talking to my mother today and for the first time in the months since we had lost my granny, my mom didn't sound sad. She says that now that she knows my granny is around her, she doesn't feel as lonely.

I don't know how I thank you again for this life changing experience and I thank God for putting you in my life path.


Dear Konstanza,

Thank you for a reading you gave me some months ago. Initially, when I closed my eyes for prayer, I could still see your features through my eyelids. You were illuminated in white light. I had never witnessed anything like it before.

During the reading, you were very accurate with events unfolding in my life. You helped me connect with the two people in Spirit who I wanted to talk to most. Your reading gave me comfort that they were okay and guiding my life. More importantly, you provided me with validation and confirmation that there is indeed an afterlife, which is something I have wanted to believe for a very long time.

You have an amazing gift that I am sure has changed many lives.Thank for the comfort and happiness you gave me that day that I have carried with me ever since. N.

Dear Rev. Morning Star,

I cannot tell you how much our reading meant to me. I feel that I finally had the chance to say 'goodbye' and get much needed closure. Thank you for lifting the burden of sorrow and guilt I had been carrying.



Hello Konstanza,

When you brought in my spirit family, the entire room was filled with their love. It was so strong and palpable that even I was able to feel their presence. No other medium has ever been able to do this for me and it brought me a comfort that is beyond words.

Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

Blessing to you,


Dear Konstanza,

I wanted to thank you so much again for our reading on Saturday!  It was wonderful for me to hear messages from so many very recognizable family members.   So many details that related to specific individuals.  I want to listen to the reading again... Perhaps transcribe it because there was just so much content.


I am just so grateful, on many levels:

The fact that you are receiving these messages is gradually finding it's way into my psyche, affecting and soothing anxiety about aging and death, changing the way I feel so fundamentally, transforming fear into hope and even joy...


The feeling of being surrounded by loving, encouraging and supportive family members that are aware of events in my life...  Remembering this certainly soothes underlying feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Many of the messages you relay from family members - with their new perspective - have brought healing to long-standing difficulties, and soothe the pain we carry with us from life experiences.  

Even though my husband has a kind of skeptical tolerance to hearing about messages from beyond, I could see that he was touched by hearing that his father wanted me to tell him he loved him.  It's like the message skips through the mind and goes to the heart that knows it to be true.  And in a moment it seems that feelings can just be reversed and burdens removed.


Finally, I am amazed at the helpful guidance you are able to convey with respect to upcoming decisions and current problems.  It's not wishy-washy or vague!  And it is always so fundamentally compassionate. These are things that feel so fitting and right to me but that I might not have had the confidence to pursue without encouragement.

And I am just very grateful that you have developed such sensitivity and skill, and have been brave enough to choose this as your work.

With love and gratitude,


M. R.


I met with you 2 weeks following a death of a loved one. Instantly he came through, you described his appearance and EXACT cause of death, as well as specific life events; I listened even more intently. Each item you stated was beyond precise! I will never forget having an ice cold feeling run thru me as I sat in the chair and you looked at me and said he has his head on your lap right now, at that moment I knew he was there in spirit form.

You did not know this, but I had a letter in my pocket from him stating his happiest memory was last summer in the car with our daughter, and when you told my daughter that her dad wants her to know he is still in the backseat of the car with her, nothing else could have brought more comfort to know that there is an afterlife and that came from him!

I would recommend your talent and services to the moon and back. Never did I think I would get such concrete information and affirmation then  on that day with you. You gave us answers, and helped with our grief, I will never forget that day and I replay the taping over and over in case I missed something. You are top notch!

Leah, MD

Words cannot adequately describe how much you helped me today, Konstanza. Thank you for being such a loving guide to me. Normally, I turn to my inner guidance, but today I really needed human support, and it means the world to me that the universe lined us up this way. Just what I needed. Such a blessing. 

L.B. Silver Spring

I received a reading approximately 3 years ago. During my reading,  Konstanza saw black spots in the upper area of my body,  specifically  my neck area. I addressed what I thought it was,  but she spent quite a bit of time in that general area as to the guides wouldn't let her move on until it was addressed. 


Two years later, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism... a result of Graves Disease, which was unbeknownst to me.  Antibodies resulting from Graves Disease were attacking my thyroid making it overactive...i.e., hyperthyroidism.  I realized immediately that the diagnosis was validation of the reading, the black spots, which in my opinion represented the Antibodies. 


I'm not sure if clients reach back often to validate the predictions, but I wanted to pass this on.  I was very impressed during our reading,  and of course recognize Konstanza as the real deal.  Anyhow, just wanted to share.  I will be returning for another reading soon. 


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