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Spirit Release

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 Clear Your Home of Ghosts
and Unwanted Spirit Activity


Long Distance Only

What causes ghosts to act up in a home?


Spirit activity in a home is a common phenomenon, especially in older homes or apartments which might have had owners who had happily lived there for decades. Upon death, the deceased, who is now a ghost  might decide to continue to live there, especially if she or he is not aware of the fact that he or she has died. Sometimes a deceased spouse will linger to protect his or her widow or widower. So when a new occupant moves onto the premises, the deceased might perceive the newcomer as intruder, especially if the ghost doesn't understand why this new person is suddenly living there.

In such a situation the ghost could make its presence known by creating noises, smells and fragrances, moving objects around, or causing uncanny airflow,  breezes and temperature changes. In extreme situations, the ghost might actually try to shove the new occupant out of the way - and because the ghost no longer has a physical body, winds up walking right through the living. If the new occupant is a sensitive person, she or he will experience this contact as though there is something or someone "on" her or him. They might even interpret this as a spirit trying to "move into their body," or they interpret this sensation as a ghost trying to initiate sex with them. Obviously, this can be a very upsetting experience to a living person.

Sometimes, though, spirit activity flares up suddenly in a home after its occupants have already been there for some time. There can be a number of reasons: One of the home's occupants or someone close to the occupant might have recently experienced a death in the family. In that case, the ghost might reach out to a sensitive person in the physical to try to communicate a concern that is important to the ghost. For example, the family of the deceased might not have held a memorial service when that is something that the ghost had wanted. Or perhaps they wanted their ashes scattered whereas their relatives decided to instead keep them in a box in the bottom of the closet or on top of the fireplace.

Sometimes the reason for the sudden spirit activity is due to changes in the habits of the living. When a person in the household begins to use drugs and alcohol or hangs out in places where people imbibe such substances, they can leave themselves vulnerable to picking up a so-called spirit attachment.  


Spirit attachments are rarely evil or purposefully malicious. However, when such a lost soul attaches to the energy field of the living, it tends to bring along a host of unresolved issues from its life time. In this case, the spirit attachment is likely to be former drug addict or alcoholic who is now a ghost. The ghost could still attempt to get his or her fix vicariously by latching on to a living person who is on the slippery slope of addiction. In such a case, spirit releasement in the form of depossession is called for.

I can help you get rid of the ghost

I am offering Shamanic Spirit Release services to clear homes and people of ghosts and unwanted spirit activity. Shamanism offers straight-forward powerful tools in releasing earthbound spirits and restoring the peace in your home. The beauty of clearing unwanted spirits through the shamanic method is that it works long-distance and instantly. Even though I am I am physically located in the Washington, DC area, I do NOT need to visit your home in the physical. I can help you get rid of ghosts whether you are located in Washington DC, Washington State or Australia.

An initial diagnostic journey provides information as to how we are supposed to work together as well as instructions to you in how to prepare yourself and our home or property for spirit release work. I work with my spirit helpers to facilitate the removal of the ghost from your home to their proper place in the spirit world. Of course, if my diagnostic journey reveals that a spirit attachment is present, my spirit helpers and I perform a depossession in which we'll guide this lost soul to her or his proper home in the spirit world so it won't come back to bother you. 


Spirit Release for Selling Real Estate

Spirit Release can be especially valuable when you have had difficulty selling your home or a property. All of us know someone who has an attractive property that they just can't sell. Or perhaps offers are made but when it comes to signing the contract, the prospective buyer gets cold feet. If this happens repeatedly, it's time for spirit release and property clearing so the property can be energetically and spiritually prepared for new owners. 

To Schedule Shamanic Spirit Release for Home and Property:
  • Email me at Provide the address of the property you are concerned about and describe the nature of the unwanted spirit activity and ghost phenomena.

  • Make the necessary PayPal payment by using the payment button below. You will be taken to the secure PayPal checkout platform to complete your payment. I require advance payment before I conduct the diagnostic journey to ensure that I reserve time and effort for serious inquiries only.  If my helping spirits tell me that shamanic spirit release is not indicated, I will fully refund your payment immediately. If my helping spirits give me the green light for working with you, no further payment will be necessary.

I will let you know when I am going to perform the spirit release. You will also receive a report from me afterwards about the work that was done, including the cause of the spirit activity and the presence of the ghost in your life, and follow up actions, if any, that my helping spirits recommended for you. I do not charge a la carte. Your fee includes everything, whether it entails just a home clearing or home clearing and/or removal of a spirit attachment aka depossession.

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"Three days after you did the spirit clearing we finally got an offer on the house. Four weeks later, we closed. It's a miracle! We'd tried and tried to sell the property before, but nothing ever came of it. Wish I had found you years ago."

"My home feels so peaceful now. All the spirit activity has stopped. I don't feel like I'm being watched anymore."

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