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Communication with Dying Pets

In every pet owner's life, comes the time when we have to say farewell to our beloved animal companion. Trying to make the right decision for our pets is often heart wrenching and agonizing. 


Some pets prefer to stay with us for as long as possible and thus are willing to undergo endless life prolonging medical procedures. Others hate veterinary visits and would rather be left alone to die peacefully at home. All animals have strong opinions as to what they want.

Through the shamanic journey, I am able to communicate with your dying pet to allow the animal to make its preferences and last wishes known. This communication clarifies whether the animal wants to stay longer and thus, how to proceed.


For example, last wishes might include a last favorite outing, or a gathering so the animal can say goodbye to all the people that were important in its life. It often includes special messages of comfort to help you through this difficult time. 

In addition, if needed, my compassionate helping spirits are often able to alleviate suffering for your pet and ease its transition to the spirit world.

To purchase shamanic help for your dying pet, please use the Buy Now button below. 


You will be taken to PayPal's secure checkout page to complete your purchase. You can pay with a credit/debit card or with your PayPal account, if you have one.

Then email me at and give me your phone number, the name and species of your pet, its age, and a brief description of what's going on with your pet and whatever specific concern you are struggling with.


 Once I've taken the journey, I will email you an mp3 downloadable recording of the journey. If you don't have the ability or technical know-how to deal with an mp3 download, just let me know. I can either call you with the information or I can email you a detailed report. Often I will am able to complete the work within 24 to 48 hours. However, I will let you know what the expected time frame is going to be. If it's not agreeable to you, I'll be happy to issue you a full refund.

Please note: This services is for end-of-life communication for your pet. If you are interested in shamanic healing for an animal that is suffering from a chronic or acute illness but that hasn't reached that end of life stage yet, you might want to check out my  Soul Retrieval for Animals webpage.

If you wish to hear from pets that already have passed on, you might want to schedule a Psychic Medium Reading with me. Animals often come through in my readings. We can also focus the entire reading on communicating with your pets, if you wish.



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