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Soul Retrieval for Animals

Our beloved pets are highly sentient beings who can suffer from soul loss due to various types of trauma. Accidents, vicious fights, attacks and bites from other animals, mistreatment from humans, invasive medical procedures, loss of a beloved human or companion animal, and prolonged stays at animal shelters often result in soul loss in the animal - just as it would in a human. Acute, chronic, or repeated health issues in an animal can be symptoms of soul loss​.

The soul retrieval restores your pet to wholeness as it restores the power that your pet had lost during times of trauma. This helps facilitate healing and alleviates suffering from physical distress, illness, psychological suffering and can improve behavioral issues.​

My shamanic healing work is comprehensive and thorough. Shamanic soul retrieval for your pet includes divination to gather information about the spiritual causes of illness or dis-ease in your pet. ​ It could involve extraction of harmful energies that have settled in as a result of soul loss in addition to soul retrieval. If indicated, I might even retrieve a power animal for your pet so it can enjoy a greater sense of safety and power. This can be very beneficial for timid animals.

All shamanic healing sessions for pets are long distance only. However, physical distance is no obstacle. I have successfully provided shamanic healing for animals who live thousands of miles away.​

The fee for the entire soul retrieval healing session including a detailed report on the healing work that was done is $165. Of course, I will also relay any additional information that I have received from my spiritual helpers or directly from the animal.

To schedule a healing session for your pet, please use the Buy Now button below to purchase the healing session. 


You will be taken to PayPal's secure checkout page to complete your purchase. You can pay with a credit/debit card or with your PayPal account, if you have one.

Then email me at and give me your phone number, the name and species of your pet, its age, and brief description of the problem, including veterinary diagnosis. A photo of your sweetie is helpful but is not necessary.

I will then contact you with an expected timeline as to when the work will be completed. Or we can coordinate a special time for the healing session, if you prefer. Often I am able to do the soul retrieval within 24 to 48 hours. However, there may be times when that is not possible, but I will let you know. 

Of course, you'll receive a detailed report from me about the healing that was done for your beloved animal. I'm also available for any followup questions you might have.

Testimonial: "I contacted Konstanza to help heal my dog, Angel. I had received a reading from her 2 years ago, really valued her energy and had a great experience.


Angel had been having very low energy for about a week and would not eat anything. She was barely responsive to the sound of my voice. I took Angel to the vet and they diagnosed her with a rare form of autoimmune anemia. This anemia results in death in 40-60% of dogs. The vet said her blood count was so low that she would need a blood transfusion the next day if she did not start eating to gain energy soon.


When I got home from the vet, I contacted Konstanza. To my surprise, she answered very quickly and offered remote shamanic healing for my Angel. That same night, Angel started eating again and has responded extremely well to her medication regimen.


After that, Konstanza offered to do soul retrieval for her. She was able to recover 3 soul parts and accurately state the trauma that caused those parts to leave. Since then, Angel has been able to get off one of her medications, has high energy again, and is even learning how to play with other dogs much better. I am so thankful for Konstanza and the healing my dog and I have experienced!"  J.P. 



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