Shamanic Journeying Teleclass Circle

Practice Your Journeying Skills from Wherever You Live

A shamanic journey circle consists of a group of people who meet regularly for the purpose of advancing their shamanic journeying skills and forging closer relationships with their power animals and helping spirits. Shamanic journey circles are also known as shamanic drum circles. However, in the shamanic context the term "drum circle" is a little misleading as our focus is not on drumming per se but on journeying to the sound of the drum.

The shamanic journey circle teleclass helps you hone your skills and allows you to explore non-ordinary reality in a convenient teleconferencing format. This means that you can join a high quality shamanic journey circle from the comfort of your home - regardless of where you are located. 

At the core of each teleclass meeting is the the shamanic journey through which we contact our helping spirits on behalf others in our group or for those who have requested shamanic help, and for ourselves. Each session gives you several journey opportunities. The teleconferencing platform allows me to split a larger group into smaller ones. We are also able to pair up one-on-one. I'm available for instruction, support, encouragement and guidance throughout.

The benefits of attending this circle include:

  • Regular practice strengthens and deepens your connection with your power animals, spirit teachers and helping spirits.

  • Increased familiarity with non-ordinary reality including discovery special healing places and healing teachers.

  • Acquiring shamanic knowledge and insight into relevant life situations via direct revelation from your helping spirits.

  • Experience shamanic healing for yourself.

  • Become a vessel for healing for yourself and others.

  • Understanding the ethics of shamanism.

  • Higher levels of confidence in your shamanic journeying skills.

Teleclass Circle participants have the choice to call in from all over the world via webphone, Skype or telephone.  The Zoom Conferencing platform that I use offers unique features including:

  • High-quality sound.

  • You can join the session via computer or phone. 

  • The ability to turn on the camera so we can see each other if you call in via computer.

  • The ability to mute the group while we journey so we won't be distracted by each other's background noises.

  • The ability to pair up and work one-on-one with each other in breakout groups, which is really a wonderful opportunity and confidence builder.

  • This is truly a 'live' class where we are able to interact with each other.

Here is how it works:

You sign up for the class by clicking on the Buy Now button posted on this page. Complete the checkout process through PayPal's secure website. Make sure you put down a valid email address, because I am going to email you a confirmation letter.


One week before the beginning of our Teleclass Circle I will email you the zoom registration link that you will need to use to register with Zoom so you can join the circle.  On the day of the first class you connect in via telephone, Skype, or web phone - the choice is yours.

Upcoming Dates:


8 PM to 9:30 PM Eastern Time/5 PM to 6:30 PM Pacific Time










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