Evidential Mediumship Workshop

 Reach Higher Levels 
of Mediumship

Location: Silver Spring, Maryland


This intermediate level mediumship workshop helps student mediums expand their ability to receive evidential identifying information from the spirit people. Students will gain greater fluency and accuracy in their work with the Spirit World.  This is an experiential workshop with lots of practice opportunity. Specific tools and processes will be given to help you: 

  • Bring through a broader spectrum of evidence to prove the continuity of life. 

  • Forge a closer relationship with the spirit guides who assist you in mediumship development. 

  • Understand the cycles of mediumship development and how to use them to your fullest advantage.

  • Overcome specific difficulties that you are experiencing in your current level of mediumship.

  • Understand the ethics of mediumship.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the spirit world.

  • Understand why some spirit people get stuck in the lower astral plans.

  • Learn spirit rescue.

You will experience:

  • Communication with spirit loved ones.

  • Exchange mini-readings with other workshop participants.

  • A broader scope of spirit communication.


Prerequisite: Basic experience in connecting with the Spirit world. 
This is not an introductory class!  Beginners, please sign up for:
Beginning Mediumship Workshop.

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